Political Strategy

Media Planning

Media Planning and Buying (Social Media Adv. PPC, Programmatic)

We know you know that your customers do not consume media in Silos- so it’s important that your agency (and hopefully that’s us!) doesn’t plan in them.

Paid, earned and owned media must work together to be effective and we understand this dynamic very well (we aren’t afraid to admit that we’ve learnt the hard way through trial and error!)

Our Digital Media Planning and buying team don’t just plonk your ads on Google search Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin or on partner websites or GDN (Google display networks) they study and find the right audience and help you reach new ones, optimize your ROI and use sophisticated measuring tools to find out what’s working and go further to course correct immediately if it’s not.

Every cent you spend online should be optimized and because the digital media buying space appears simple agencies tend to think it’s a one size fits all. But there are many factors to consider including demographics, user intent.

Digital PR

Digital PR, Crisis Management, Political campaign and ORM

Who hasn’t googled themselves?! Your online reputation can make or break you. Increasingly, people do their research before making a decision to hire, buy or do business with companies or individuals. You don’t want to be in the dark about how you are being perceived.

Outside of crises we also plan, implement and report on Digital PR strategies for your brand. We identify the group or groups you wish to reach with whom we have built relationships over the years and create the communication buzz you seek, we insert key messaging shared to all members, driving traffic to branded destinations, such as websites, social web properties and micro-sites.

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